Empower the Patient Life Cycle from Intake Through Recovery with Our Secure Telehealth Platform!

eRemede is a health engagement platform that was developed to empower patients throughout their care, from their initial visit to recovery. Our HIPAA-compliant, secure telehealth platform gives Florida patients access to instant communication, appointment reminders, innovative aftercare tools, and more.

eRemede Medical Professionals

Our Story

eRemede was founded by medical professionals, enterprise technology experts and mobile healthcare strategists. Our team has 10+ years of experience in all facets of patient care ranging from general health to elective plastic surgery.

eRemede Vision

Our Vision

As a patient care disruptor in a digital world, we provide a three-dimensional experience of the necessary and expected offerings that every patient desires. eRemede comes from the belief that pre, intra, and post-op periods should be complemented by digital comfort and accessible communication & information.

Real-time “Ask the Doctor” chat feature

Custom design for maximum brand awareness

Multimedia resource library

Automated personalized reminders

eRemede Personalized Information

World-Class Security & Personalized Information

The homepage on our patient engagement platform features five modules, which are critical foundations for patient engagement platforms in Florida. We brand this page for your company, and carry that branding through to other elements in the app. Our patient engagement platform is supported by world-class security and delivers personalized information directly from the patient’s chosen medical facility. It’s the ideal combination of functionality and privacy, giving patients a better quality of care.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging Platform

HIPAA-Compliant Patient-to-Provider Instant Messaging

Our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform for healthcare professionals in Florida includes an “Ask the Doctor” chat feature so doctors and patients can communicate in real-time, directly through the app with privacy and security. With HIPAA-compliant texting for medical professionals, you can send messages, photos, and videos, and provide fillable forms and custom surveys to patients. These features are the ideal HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution to improve patient care and satisfaction. It also eliminates the communication delays often experienced with phone calls and office visits that may be routed through office staff members. Patients can communicate directly with their care team to get fast answers to their questions.