Implement Our HIPAA-Compliant Health Engagement Platform in Florida

When you’re looking for the ideal HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution, eRemede is the perfect option to give you the flexibility and features you need. We provide accessible, on-the-go, instant communication between patients and their medical care team to ensure a better quality of care and improved patient satisfaction. When you choose our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform for healthcare, you can take advantage of beneficial features that make it easier for patients to get answers to their questions and instructions from their medical team for better continuity of care.

A Branded Health Engagement Platform

Our HIPAA-compliant texting for medical professionals provides a long list of features branded for your healthcare company. Some of the features you can expect include:

  • • Secure, private instant messaging
  • • Alerts and notifications
  • • A resource library
  • • Pre and post-treatment instructions
  • • Appointment reminders
  • • Customizable surveys
  • • Digital form filling

The flexibility offered by our health engagement platform in Florida allows you to provide patients with valuable features to improve the care they receive. Patients no longer need to wait for returned phone calls or relay messages through office staff. All communication goes directly to their health care providers.

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eRemede Personalized Information

World-class security & personalized information

Our homepage displays our five modules which serve as the bedrock of our platform. Once you are in this page, your company’s branding will reflect throughout the entire app. Creating peace of mind with technology supported by world-class security and delivering personalized information from their trusted medical clinic of choice; a perfect combination.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging Platform

HIPAA compliant patient-to-provider instant messaging

Our “Ask the Doctor” chat feature allows doctors and patients the ability to communicate in real-time through the app, knowing that their privacy and security are protected. This HIPAA compliant messaging allows communication via messages, photos and videos. Patients can also complete fillable forms and custom surveys. This level of one-on-one communication between patient and doctor creates the best opportunity for patient success and satisfaction. It also bypasses delays associated with phone calls or office visits that must be routed through the office staff.

eRemede Social Engagement Outlet

Your patients are talking about you, let’s help them do it

Along with hosting the appointment software link in the module, patients conclude the entire experience with a social engagement outlet. Patients are the best testimonials, so let’s allow them to share their experiences. Empowering the patient lifecycle from intake through recovery!

eRemede Pre/Post-op Instructions Module

The days of hearing complaints about lost documents are over

Our digitalized pre/post-op instructions module turns your patients’ phone into a mobile handbook during the entire lifecycle of their medical journey. This functionality allows easy and round-the-clock access to important instructions and regiments.

eRemede HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Solution

Arm patients with accurate information at the touch of a button

Research shows that providing patients with health information through a patient-centric mobile application reduces hospital readmissions. Providers can pre-load the eRemede Patient Engagement Platform with valuable patient education resources such as articles and videos. Digitized instructions can be customized based on individual patient needs/procedure types, while patients can also have access to a larger resource library. This allows patients access to important information, especially that which is most relevant to them. This library of resources puts all the necessary information at the patients’ fingertips.

eRemede Notifications Module

Maximize communication workflow; send instant or scheduled reminders

Our notifications module allows a provider to send instant or scheduled notifications. Our clients maximize communication workflow by using the feature for automated medicinal reminders, appointments, promotions, directions, and more. This is a great way to make sure your patients are fully engaged and informed while affiliated with your practice. The notification will display on the patients’ home screen as both a push notification and a new notification within its module.

Competitive Analysis

We conducted national research and in person interviews with healthcare industry professionals to determine what you really need. Our enterprise platform provides all of these feature for you and is far more robust than our competitors. Here is a comparison.

Product Features

Customizable Surveys
White Labeling
72 Hour Implementation
iOS, Android & Web Capability
Social Media Marketing
HIPAA Compliant Messaging (Multimedia)
Resource Library
Digitized Patient Instructions
Automated Medicinal Push Notifications
Digital Form Filling

Additional features

Customizable Surveys

Quickly create patient surveys to gain insight on the patients biggest concerns and needs! How do they prefer to interact during the pandemic for example? A great way to improve patient satisfaction!

White Labelling

Utilizing our enterprise infrastructure we have an option for you to have your own app in the app store! Everything looks and feels like your own while we manage the underlying infrastructure.

72 Hour Implementation

Once we get you onboarded we can get you up and running within 72 hours. Our Customer Success team is there to walk you through it.

iOS, Android & Web Capability

Our platform is available for download on iOS and Android devices for business on the go. We also have a version to use with your regular web browser for when you are on your laptop.

Digitized Patient Instructions

The days of hearing complaints about lost documents are over! Our instructions tab turns your users’ phone into a mobile handbook during their entire lifecycle with your business. This functionality allows easy and around-the-clock access to important instructions, events, policies and training.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging (Multimedia)

Our Instant Messenger will allow you to have real-time access to sending messages, fillable forms, surveys, pictures and video. This definitively frees up the phone lines while decreasing reliance on excessive paperwork and routine questions, and all information is protected with our HIPAA compliant servers.

Resource Library

Your multimedia resource library allows audio, PDF, video, images, etc, to seamlessly flow back and forth. Our enterprise infrastructure allows for secure documents, videos, frequently asked questions, trending articles and best practices to yield peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Digital Form Filling

There is no longer a need for paper forms, faxing, or your patients filling out everything that is required. With our digital form filling it is quick, instant, reliable, and secure.

Social Media Marketing

We help you get your patients connected to all your social media sites. This allows them to see all your latest promotions no matter what site they are on and share them with their friends.

Automated Medicinal Push Notifications

Maximize your communication workflow by using this feature for automated reminders, push notifications, appointments and promotions.