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Patient Engagement Platform for the Post-Covid World

eRemede was featured in a Grit Daily article by Sarah Marshall eRemede, a HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform, is looking to streamline patient intake, communication and education for hospitals and clinics. eRemede (pronounced “E-remedy”) is a fully customizable platform that offers digitized patient intake forms, auto...

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How To Effectively Communicate With Patients During COVID-19

The medical world is no stranger to change. However, the pandemic has created a deep sense of uncertainty for Healthcare sectors as they wade through already changing practices. For instance, schedule changes and increases i...

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How Doctors Can Utilize Instant Messaging with eRemede

Working through these uncertain times can be overwhelming. Healthcare professionals are left wondering– how to best balance the need for isolation without neglecting their patients. There is no reason to lose faith in yours...

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10 Facts About eRemede

eRemede is a healthcare app that makes your doctor's office accessible and available from your mobile device. With healthcare apps like eRemede, you can communicate with doctors through the app in real time, automate medicinal reminders, appointments, promotions, directions, and many more. If you're looking for healthcare apps or just want to know more about what we offer at eRemede, then read on!

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Ben Sever featured in WBOC News

Ben Sever, local serial entrepreneur and CEO of eRemede, was recently featured by WBOC news for his success Tampa Community. Sever is a go-to-market strategist and well connected philanthropist who is very active in the local...

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The Importance of Patient Engagement Software

What is Patient Engagement Software? What does it do and why should you care about it? In this article, we will discuss the importance of critical software like eRemede to hospitals and medical practices. We will also talk ab...

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Ben Sever: Tampa Local, Industry Disruptor, & Founder of eRemede, MBP Ventures, & RGA Institute

eRemede's CEO, Ben Sever was featured in this Elevate article. Ben Sever, Chairman, CEO & Founder of ...