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Patient Engagement Platform for the Post-Covid World

eRemede was featured in a Grit Daily article by Sarah Marshall eRemede, a HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform, is looking to streamline patient intake, communication and education for hospitals and clinics. eRemede (pronounced “E-remedy”) is a fully customizable platform that offers digitized patient intake forms, auto...

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3 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Secure Messaging App

In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a progressive rise in digital transformation. The main goal of adopting emerging technologies is for healthcare practices to streamline healthcare professionals’ work, minim...

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Top 10 Telehealth Advantages for Patients and Doctors

Digital technologies enable us to reinvent the physician appointment as a house call without the journey. The virtual visit concept has been around for decades, and telemedicine has been used in a variety of specialties and s...

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Health Websites

A lot of health information on the internet is false and prejudiced. Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of medical websites before relying on a symptom checker.  ...

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Transforming Healthcare Delivery with Modern Communication

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, the healthcare industry with the use of telecommunication technologies has experienced a fast-paced growth in the United States. A lot of practitioners are trying to keep up ...

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Improve Your Patient's Compliance With eRemede’s Automated Patient Reminders!

Hospitals and clinics may use eRemede's automated notification reminders, appointments, promotions, and directions to ensure that patients are constantly informed of the next stages in their surgical or other medical routine....

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eRemede And The Improvement Of The Patient-Doctor Experience

Despite the fact that healthcare delivery methods are always changing and evolving, acquiring new patients and keeping existing ones is still critical for revenue development.