Ryan Budden

CTO | President at eRemede

As CTO and President, Ryan Budden is responsible for everything tech related in the company, from visionary thinking on how to disrupt healthcare to physically overseeing code creation. Ryan has participated in all aspects of business as this is his 5th go around being on the founding team in addition to consulting dozens of startups in a fractional CTO/ head of technology capacity. Throughout this time Ryan had developed a rapid iterative approach to technology constantly seeking feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders. At eRemede, Ryan is able to bring these diverse experiences together and drive the product life cycle faster while continuing to hone eRemede’s main offering.

Ryan got started in the technology industry by teaching himself to code while developing a mobile application that became one of the early movers in the geo-fencing industry with an innovative approach to social host liability. From there he consulted startups all the way to fortune 100 companies specializing in using native mobile apps to solve difficult problems. He has developed his own applications, built teams from the ground up, and managed large remote teams ensuring that no matter what eRemede has in its future Ryan will be able to push the team forwards.

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