10 Facts About eRemede


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The healthcare industry is a competitive one. With so many practices and healthcare providers to choose from, how do you know which company is the best? eRemede can help you with that.

eRemede is a healthcare app that makes your doctor’s office accessible and available from your mobile device. With healthcare apps like eRemede, patients can communicate with doctors through the app in real time! They can also get access to automated medical reminders, appointments, promotions, directions, and many more. If you’re looking for healthcare apps or if your interested in knowing more about eRemede, then read on!

10 facts about eRemede:

Instant Messaging.

eRemede is a patient engagement software that includes instant messaging software for healthcare providers. It has features that helps patients and doctors communicate in real-time, create fillable forms, surveys & many more. This capability frees up the phone lines while decreasing reliance on a lot of paperwork and extensive questions.

HIPAA compliant.

The “Ask the Doctor” chat feature is a HIPAA compliant patient-to-provider instant messenger. Know that your privacy and security are protected.

eRemede is eliminating paper.

One of the best features about eRemede is that it will eliminate paper from your life. Instead of wasting time filling out forms, you can fill them in digitally. As well as send photos or videos to a doctor for review right from your phone! You’ll also have access to lab results, appointment reminders and pre/post-op FAQs.

Digitalized pre/post-op instructions.

Our digitized pre/post-op instructions module turns your patients’ phone into a mobile handbook during the entire lifecycle of their medical journey. This functionality allows easy and round-the-clock access to important instructions and regiments.

eRemede is identifying concerns.

eRemede is also the go-to for patients who have concerns or are not sure what to do. Our app has built in features that allow you to contact a doctor and book an appointment with ease. This ensures speedy access to care when it’s needed most!

Notifications modules are implemented to eRemede’s app.

Our notifications module allows a provider to send instant or scheduled notifications. Clients can maximize communication workflow by using the feature for automated medicinal reminders, appointments, promotions, directions, and more.

A large multimedia resource library.

The multimedia resource library will allow patients to access audio, PDF, video, images, etc, to seamlessly flow back and forth. It also has secure documents, videos, frequently asked questions, trending articles and best practices to yield peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Available on IOS & Android Devices.

Our platform is available for download on iOS and Android devices for business on the go. We also have a version to use with your regular web browser for when you are on your laptop.

eRemede also has a robust directory of medical information.

We also have a robust directory that offers information about what kind of care is available in an emergency situation as well as resources and organizations. This can provide support during this pandemic.

Create patient surveys with eRemede:

Physicians can also create patient surveys to gain insights on their biggest concern and needs! Such as how they prefer to interact during the pandemic or common healthcare concerns. Definitely a great way to improve patient satisfaction!

We know the stress the pandemic had brought to us and the medical industry but imagine needing to go in for a procedure with your favorite doctor, and being unsure of what to expect. With eRemede we are here to help you transform your phone into a mobile handbook during the entire lifecycle of their medical journey.

We are trying to help change how doctors work together today! Join us on this journey by reading more about it here or downloading our free application now!