5 Key Features of eRemede


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eRemede offers a next-generation app that will immerse patients in a personalized experience, and allow for simple, secure & compliant 2-way messaging with doctors. eRemede has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the healthcare technology market by incorporating five key features into its platform that meets the demands of both doctors and patients.

eRemede’s Five Key Features

1. Confidentiality is a top priority for medical providers. The protection of all patient data, including personal information like names and contact info, are handled by world-class security systems that ensure the exchange of this sensitive data doesn’t lead to identity theft or other frauds against patients.

2. HIPAA-compliant patient-to-provider instant messaging. HIPAA compliant, secure communication is now available for providers and patients alike through the use of a real time chat feature that allows information gathering in an expedited manner with less stress on both parties involved.

3. Medical providers are always looking for ways to streamline questions, answers, scheduling, and reminders. With a secure app, a simple tap from a patient can facilitate quick and secure answers.

4. Better Patient Outcomes. Digitized pre- and post-op instructions and regimens provide the patient with a mobile handbook containing specific information available instantaneously, such as routines for before surgery, or after.

5. Providers can leverage the eRemede app to upload additional patient education resources that are organized by procedure type. Providers customize these materials based on individual needs and interests, ensuring a more personalized experience for each of their patients.

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