Advantages of a Secure Instant Messaging App


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Outdated and low-security communication techniques aren’t cutting it in today’s healthcare setting. For internal communications, hospitals, medical offices are increasingly using secure messaging software.

Secure messaging apps (like eRemede) are designed to be HIPAA compliant and are modeled after the ease of consumer instant messaging systems. Patient involvement is becoming an important part of healthcare, as medical providing companies use both conventional and contemporary communication techniques to differentiate themselves, provide better patient care, and cut costs.

As a result, staff may exchange critical patient data without fear of data theft, security breaches, or regulatory noncompliance.

Adopting a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform is one of the simplest and most successful methods to introduce new ways to communicate with patients and doctors. These same patients have become so dependent on SMS text messaging (which isn’t secure) that a simple & secure messaging system like eRemede is now a requirement.

Here are 3 reasons why secure messaging applications are the ideal way to increase patient engagement and improve health results.

Improve Attendance at Appointments

Missed appointments cost the healthcare business up to $150 billion in lost income each year. In the last decade, providers have attempted to reduce the gap by deploying automated phone reminders, but they have fallen short because the majority of calls go unanswered. 

Considering that patients are already accustomed to using their smartphones to communicate digitally, using a secure messaging app such as eRemede to remind patients of their appointments without jeopardizing their privacy or security is an advantage worth exploring.

Improve Medication Compliance and Results

Doctor’s advice and discharge paperwork might be daunting for some patients. People frequently focus solely on information regarding their illness, neglecting to pay attention to treatment instructions.

To achieve even better treatment outcomes, a sophisticated secure messaging technology may be utilized to deploy automatic reminders to remind patients to stick to their medication and treatment plans.

Boost Patient Satisfaction and Build Relationships

Many patients find that having direct contact with their doctors and maintaining a long-term connection with them is critical to their overall health care; yet, not all patients like to speak directly over the phone. 

Providers now have a more convenient way to connect with their patients, whether they have routine queries or special concerns about their treatment, thanks to encrypted messaging applications.

Ultimately, a HIPAA-compliant private messaging platform such as eRemede is a critical step toward increasing patient satisfaction and overall health outcomes. Both doctors and patients may save money and streamline two-way communication by using efficient and effective mobile communications, without losing the confidentiality and privacy that the provider-patient relationship requires.

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