Elevate, Inc. Welcomes Tampa Healthcare Technology Company eRemede to the Team


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eRemede was featured in this Elevate article.

eRemede is on a mission to empower two-way communication and education between clinics and patients to optimize the front office of healthcare. eRemede is a HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform that allows customizable information to flow seamlessly between doctor and patient devices. According to Accenture’s 2018 Consumer Survey on Digital Health, 40% to 80% of the medical information provided by care providers is forgotten immediately, and the greater the amount of information shared the greater the percentage forgotten. That’s huge, and that lack of retention has negative impacts on patient understanding, adherence and outcomes. Additionally, Accenture’s study noted 75% of consumers want digital technology to help manage their health. In the U.S. alone, virtual healthcare could save the healthcare industry billions of dollars annually. Yet only 21% of consumers report ever receiving it.

eRemede packs a punch with its talent dense team of venture capitalists, renowned physicians, serial entrepreneurs, software sales leaders, Ivy League engineers, project management professionals and military veteran operations experts to provide a world class platform designed from the ground up to be practical and effective. The team boasts 10+ years of experience in all facets of patient care ranging from general health to elective plastic surgery. Headed by CEO and Founder, and Tampa native, Ben Sever has a demonstrated track record of success within corporate business development as well as serial entrepreneurship. His relentless problem-solving acumen coupled with a rigorous self-education regimen has resulted in both national recognition as well as a trusted network of SMEs committed to his mission.

Their versatile technology is trusted by their clients to aggregate and distribute essential information through these 5 pillars:

  1. Instant Messenger: Instant messenger will allow you to have real-time access to sending messages, fillable forms, surveys, pictures and video. This capability frees up the phone lines while decreasing reliance on excessive paperwork and routine questions.
  2. Alerts and Notifications: Medical adherence and accountability lay the foundation for optimal health outcomes. This function automates prescription reminders, push notifications, appointments and promotions to guide the patient journey.
  3. Instructions: The days of hearing complaints about lost documents are over! Our instructions tab transforms your users’ phone into a mobile handbook during the entire medical lifecycle.
  4. Resource Library: Your multimedia resource library allows audio, PDF, video, images, etc, to seamlessly flow back and forth. Our compliant infrastructure allows for secure documents, videos, frequently asked questions, trending articles and best practices to yield peace of mind in the palm of your hand.
  5. Social Feed & Appointments: Patients conclude their experience with a complete archive of all clinical links and outlets. Now, just one click unlocks interactive accessibility to all channels.

You may be wondering why clinics need a mobile platform. The answer comes down to a few main reasons such as real-time communication/limitless geographic reach, creating direct marketing channels, providing surveys and feedback to increase patient satisfaction, utilization of automation to decrease redundant phone calls which increases patient flow, and lastly business process optimization (intake forms, org charts, onboarding, payments, FAQs, manuals).

eRemede is patient centric providing a mobile-first edge for the surgical journey and beyond that lowers costs, provides post-op peace of mind to patients, streamlines communication for providers and patients, utilizes analytics to optimize efficiency, and also offers medical practice branding directly on the platform. eRemede is also accessible on all major technology platforms (IOS/Android/PC).

See the original article here: https://www.elevate-inc.com/elevate-inc-welcomes-tampa-healthcare-technology-company-eremede-to-the-team/