eRemede And The Improvement Of The Patient-Doctor Experience


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Despite the fact that healthcare delivery methods are always changing and evolving, acquiring new patients and keeping existing ones is still critical for revenue development. Patient satisfaction will always be an important factor in building a successful practice. It can greatly affect patient expectations about delays, wait times, and the components of a visit, as well as conveying the prices associated with specific treatments.

The word “customer experience” refers to the many ways in which customers engage with a brand’s products and services. Easily replace “patient” for “customer” in healthcare, and “patient experience” refers to all of the points that link patients to a doctor’s office.

Everything from the first phone call patients make to schedule an appointment to the online or on-site completion of forms, check-ins, the exam itself, and checkouts are all crucial aspects for patient experience. Each point contributes to a patient’s sense of being effectively cared for and their trust in the practice. A practice that fails at even one point in the chain of service may experience a decrease in in-office visits and new patients, as well as poor ratings and reviews.

eRemede aims to bridge the gap between doctor and patient in a way that is beneficial to both. With each important key point handled by eRemede, the risk of a drop in patient satisfaction is reduced. Physicians will be able to connect with patients at any time of day through the use of the app. It improves accessibility, lowers costs, and makes things easier!

Waiting times are also minimized by eliminating unnecessary steps in the process and making information more accessible. Since it has been shown that the most common complaint among patients is the length of time spent waiting. Eliminating services that aren’t of value to the patient and focusing on the precise reason for the visit are key to improving the patient experience. Fillable forms and customizable surveys are particularly crucial for gaining insight into the patients’ main problems and demands, and eRemede provides these features!

In this way, doctors may interact more meaningfully with patients by customizing visits and implementing a No Wait Time. It also avoids the communication delays that might occur when phone calls and office visits are routed to clinic staff.  Communication with patients and setting expectations for their visits will always be crucial to the growth of your practice, regardless of how healthcare delivery and economic models develop in the future.

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