eRemede to Deliver High Quality Patient to Doctor Experience


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With all of the new technological advancements at their disposal, medical practices are increasingly emphasizing patients as their top priority. The eRemede team is dedicated to creating a difference in every patient’s life by enabling them to communicate with their medical care team in real time, on the go, to ensure higher quality of treatment, enhanced patient happiness, and a focus on patient safety.

Apart from assisting patients in achieving their maximum health, eRemede also commits to relieve doctors and implement experiences within their practice that streamline even the smallest duties, allowing them to devote more time to providing the best possible care to their patients.

As a medical service provider, eRemede knows that doctors want to be able to set their practice up for success. In addition, technology can be used to streamline tasks. Medical offices have relied on a variety of tech solutions to manage certain duties, adopting new tools as they become available and fit within their budget. With the introduction of eRemede, medical managers can say goodbye to the common practice of piecing together multiple systems that don’t talk to each other or require a lot of manual data reconciliation work on the back end.

eRemede now assists medical professionals with more than simply patient records management. Features include:

  • Secure, private instant messaging
  • Alerts and notifications
  • A resource library
  • Pre and post-treatment instructions
  • Appointment reminders
  • Customizable surveys
  • Digital form filling

All of eRemede’s features can assist patients and doctors to get access to more information efficiently. Patients no longer have to wait for phone calls to be returned or messages to be relayed through office staff. All communication is sent directly to their health care doctors, which may aid in making better diagnoses and treatment decisions!