How can eRemede Help the Patient to Doctor Experience


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Medical practices have been utilizing technology to streamline administrative tasks for decades. Fortunately, eRemede is here to help doctors get the most out of their time as well as help patients stay in touch with their medical team while they’re on the go. No one has to worry about missing important messages & reminders anymore!

Here are sample situations on how eRemede can help deliver high-quality instant patient to doctor experience:

Reducing Patient Frustration with Multiple Fillable Forms

Most patients despise having to fill out many forms with the same questions! It has the potential to make them upset and is time demanding – not only for them, but also for back-office staff that has to process that data. Healthcare practitioners can use eRemede to create fillable forms and custom surveys that can be sent directly from the app. As a result, patients can save time in the clinic by filling out repeatable forms on their phones.

Creating Paperless Practice

Doctors and other healthcare providers struggle to keep up with intake forms and paperwork, but there is a simple way to get out of the paper-filled workplace! Patients can fill out their own intake information with eRemede! It saves time by eliminating the need to deal with all of those papers in the first place. This also means that Doctors can spend more quality time on each patient. 

Communicating efficiently 

Healthcare providers want patients to feel more at ease in the medical setting, but are required to stay within HIPAA compliance. Unfortunately for many who enjoy messaging, texting is out. Enter secure messaging with an app like eRemede. A smartphone powered app will automatically present pre-op and post-op instructions, and also make messaging between the patient and doctor as seamless and fluid as if they were texting. By communicating efficiently with them throughout their whole experience, patient outcomes are improved: faster recovery times, fewer follow-up visits, less infections, the list goes on. Physicians can improve communication with eRemede’s HIPAA compliant instant messaging app!

We’re excited to help you implement our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solutions to streamline patient care and help patients on the road to recovery. Book a demo with our team to explore the features and find out how our health engagement platform can give you the necessary tools to provide your patients with the level of care they deserve.