How Doctors Can Utilize Instant Messaging with eRemede


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Working through these uncertain times can be overwhelming. Healthcare professionals are left wondering– how to best balance the need for isolation without neglecting their patients. There is no reason to lose faith in yourself, you have trained for all of these years to help others live quality lives!  As you try to re-open your practice, the question remains – what is the safest way to do so? 

eRemede and HIPAA

eRemede is HIPAA compliant platform. We can provide doctors and their patients easy access to direct communication, innovative aftercare tools, reminders and more. Here’s the truth, your patients may already be thinking about getting care. Reach out to them. For instance, give them a glimpse of how well you’re equipped and ready to treat them. With the help of eRemede’s instant messaging, you can effectively establish a communications channel that will allow for quick responses from both sides. 

There will be times when doctors are not available or assistants will not be able to check chats frequently. Therefore, it is important for healthcare practitioners to establishing a proper way of communication and actionable processes.

Prioritize High-Risk Patient

COVID patients are at high risk for serious complications related to their chronic conditions, as a result, these individuals who have the most need for your services can use high risk conditions as leverage in scheduling priority. Establishing fillable forms with eRemede’s app can make it easier to prioritize urgent and high-risk patients. 

Utilize technology to better serve your patients

The days of collecting payment and medical records in person are over. Utilizing eRemede for technology that can keep records up-to-date, collect payments from afar or update billing information without ever having to meet a patient face-to-face again.

Remind Patients effectively

Pre/Post operations can be challenging especially when we are dealing with the pandemic too. However, eRemede’s automated personalized reminders can surely make it easier for both. One of the best way to keep your patients informed. The feature allows you to send instant or scheduled notifications. Displayed as both a push and new message in the app!

When you’re struggling to find time for your patient, it’s not necessarily because they don’t want anything done. It could be that there is miscommunication between the two of you! Remember to always remain calm and work with them– as COVID-19 cases continue rising and falling, so will their preferences with visiting your office. If it makes it easier eRemede will always be a step closer in connecting you with your patients and help overcome this obstacle!