How To Effectively Communicate With Patients During COVID-19


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The medical world is no stranger to change. However, the pandemic has created a deep sense of uncertainty for Healthcare sectors as they wade through already changing practices. For instance, schedule changes and increases in safety procedures. How do you communicate with your patients about these new regulations? How do you staff up to answer more questions via phone when your staff is working from home? The eRemede team has put together a guide for healthcare providers to help them communicate with their patients during COVID-19. It revolutionizes how doctors communicate with their patients and how they provide healthcare. 

New communication methods have been introduced that allow physicians more one-on-one access to educate their patients, even without having them come into an office. It is important to always be ready to show your patients that you are there for them. Reassurance and support can change depending on the situation but it is always important during times of uncertainty like COVID-19.

With so many methods at our disposal, such as text messages, social media posts or even a phone call, reaching out has never been easier! Unfortunately several of those are not HIPAA compliant, and therein lies the challenge. eRemede will help increase your patient engagement whether they need directions for pre-op or post-op procedures; cancellations due to weather conditions; information about their lab test results; or just want someone to listen when things get tough.

Email Outreach

In the age of social media and instant gratification, one can hardly go a day without checking their email. It’s no surprise that medical practices have long used this tool to communicate with patients. You can sending them everything from office closures to alternative hours right on their phone! Since this also doesn’t comply with HIPAA, email is a great way to encourage patients to download, and begin utilizing the eRemede app.

Social Media Platforms

It only takes a glance at your own social media feed to see that people have time on their hands. Especially, in these days with all the stay-at-home orders around. Social Media platforms & apps like eRemede have created a place for a community. This is where real-time information can be shared in an instant. Patients can see that they’re getting the most up-to-date information. Staying engaged with patients who respond or ask questions may be helpful for other patients who have similar concerns.

Text Messaging

Many of your patients are likely using text messaging as a primary means to communicate with each other. In this digital age, it makes perfect sense for doctors to take advantage of delivering messages through SMS (text). It is an effective way to get in touch with people quickly and efficiently without having them resorting to phone calls or email which may not be answered immediately. Just like email, putting anything medical-related in the text message is illegal and not HIPAA compliant, but if you already have a marketing channel setup, it’s a great way to send the link to the eRemede app directly to patient smartphones, and remind them to login and use it.

Automated Replies, phone calls and voicemails.

Staff shortages might mean fewer hands on deck to field incoming calls than when you were operating business as usual. Despite this, making time to reach out over the phone is still a valuable gesture for your patients who may appreciate it more after going through these difficult days. People are yearning for human contact like never before and have a need for validation from their trusted sources, such as personal physicians. You can set outgoing messages, automated replies and even your phone menu to remind patients to check eRemede. It can be another effective point of communication where you can provide necessary practice information that will help patients navigate care during COVID-19.

Automated Reminders

Automated appointment reminders have proven to be an efficient way for medical offices that are struggles with limited staff resources. eRemede makes it possible for patients to request, reschedule, fill out forms and get reminder notifications without burdening the understaffed office workers. With this software in place at your practice’s front desk you can take a modern approach to automating appointments while still providing excellent service!

The state of health care is always changing, but never more so than now. Constant media updates and evolving information have complicated patient communication, making it difficult to know what our patients need from us. Your patients will look to you for trusted, expert advice and reassurance during a health crisis. The best way to comfort them is by continuing what they want—to offer patient-centered care!

One of your hardest tasks may seem like being there 24/7 with patients who need support and guidance; but it’s important not to forget one thing: eRemede will help to lighten the burden and solve the communication barrier that doctors and patients have.