Improve Your Patient’s Compliance With eRemede’s Automated Patient Reminders!


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Hospitals and clinics may use eRemede’s automated notification reminders, appointments, promotions, and directions to ensure that patients are constantly informed of the next stages in their surgical or other medical routine. With planned reminders and push alerts sent straight to their mobile devices, our app reminds patients of their appointments. The automated patient reminders are part of the digital care routine and have been scheduled to appear via push notifications at the precise appropriate time during the patient’s treatment.

The significance of automated medical appointment reminders

Patients often claim to overlook appointments or next steps as one of the most prevalent causes for no-shows. It also plays a part when they are not adequately prepared for their surgery or procedure day and may fail to follow fasting or medication recommendations. This is one of the most essential forms of patient reminders—automated patient appointments and task reminders for the don’t necessitate any effort on your part as healthcare providers.

On using automatic reminders, you may cut down on no-shows from your patients.

Patients may miss appointments for a variety of reasons, including forgetting about the appointment, forgetting to cancel the appointment, the scheduled time not being convenient for them, or transportation problems. Patient education and automated patient reminders are examples of automated care routines that help patients stay compliant and engaged.

What can automated patient reminders be used for?

When patients are getting ready for surgery or a medical checkup, it is possible that it is their first time. Push notifications may be used to automatically deliver preparation instructions, operation information, and appointment checklists to patients, ensuring that they receive the correct pre-procedural information at the right moment.

Patients can locate the appropriate spot faster if they have comprehensive information about the location, such as a street, hospital, building, floor, and door number. Instructions given over the phone, email, or letter may be forgotten or misplaced, while instructions given through a mobile app may be quickly accessed while on the road.

Reminders of post-op tasks and checklists via automated patient notifications are also helpful. Patients can be reminded, for example, of the need to perform rehabilitation exercises, planned diets and completing post-operative questionnaires such as pain meters or patient-reported outcome or experience measures (PROMs and PREMs).

A healthcare provider can use our notifications module to provide immediate or planned notifications. Our clients can take advantage of this functionality to automate medication reminders, appointments, promotions, and instructions, among other things. This is a fantastic method to ensure that your patients are completely involved and educated while working with you.

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