The Importance of Patient Engagement Software


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What is Patient Engagement Software? What does it do and why should you care about it? In this article, we will discuss the importance of critical software like eRemede to hospitals and medical practices. We will also talk about what eRemede can do for your hospital or clinic in terms of HIPAA compliance.

-eReMede provides a cloud-based software that assists doctors in engaging with their patients by providing them with an online portal to communicate updates on their treatment progress and other important information.

-The system helps HIPAA compliance by routing communications through a secure encrypted network that offers security measures like password protection, multi-factor authentication, encryption protocols, intrusion detection systems etc.

-eRemede provides HIPAA compliance in the following ways:

* It gets a user’s consent to use their PHI for eRemede communications.

* The software is compliant with all applicable privacy and security laws.

* It ensures that no sensitive information of patients is visible outside the practice, including on personal devices used.

In today’s day & age, both patients and doctors expect the convenience and instant communication styles of texting, however when it comes to personal medical data, it’s actually illegal for doctors to text their patients. That’s where a patient engagement software comes in.

eRemede is a HIPAA-compliant Patient Engagement Software that allows doctors to text their patients with ease. eRemede provides all the tools and features you need for delivering patient care, including:

* Instant messaging/texting between doctor & patient

* Scheduling appointments in real time or on demand