Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs HIPAA-compliant app like eRemede


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Instant messaging is rapidly being used by hospitals, healthcare offices, and medical institutions to improve internal communications and offer the best possible patient care. It’s critical for healthcare institutions to use a HIPAA-compliant instant messaging system in order to deliver top-tier treatment and ensure that patient information stays secret when exchanged among team members.

Why is it Important to Have a HIPAA Compliant Instant Messaging System?

Many hospitals still use outdated communication systems like pagers and loudspeakers. Furthermore, there is no way of knowing when the emergency room or general offices would be overrun with patients. When these influxes occur, a staff’s capacity to address patient requirements is harmed by an outmoded communication system.

However, downloading any, random, instant messaging program isn’t the only way to make communication easier. Healthcare institutions must verify that any internal communications system is HIPAA compliant just like eRemede:

  • Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and patient information should remain confidential and secure throughout transmission, security measures must be in place.
  • IT and system administrators at the hospital should have full access to the messaging program, including the ability to call up or remotely erase any data that is needed.
  • Messaging system stays compliant with HIPAA rules, and organizations must undertake thorough and regular risk assessments.

The good news is that healthcare businesses may streamline internal procedures and manage their employees more efficiently by adopting a HIPAA-compliant instant messaging solution. No need to look on further, eRemede is designed to be HIPAA compliant—helping doctors and patients in improving their healthcare experience! 

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Other benefits of HIPAA-compliant communications for organizations and operations include:

  • More Efficient Workflows: With the proper messaging technology, hospital employees and practitioners can communicate more effectively and efficiently. Staff may communicate information such as X-rays, prescriptions, treatment regimens, follow-up visits, and more using a HIPAA-compliant messaging system that allows for file sharing.
  • Increased Number of Patients Seen and Treated: Doctors and nurses may use instant messaging to alert one other when a patient’s treatment is complete, as well as communicate important patient information. This permits physicians to move on to the next patient faster, resulting in faster treatment.
  • Faster Employee Response Times: When employees are equipped with mobile devices and a HIPAA-compliant instant messaging software, a simple message may direct them to the part of the hospital or office that requires their attention.
  • Minimize HIPAA Compliance Risks: Healthcare businesses that fail to ensure that their instant messaging systems are HIPAA compliant may risk hefty fines, including $50,000 in penalties. When you use HIPAA-compliant messaging technology, you reduce your organization’s risk of noncompliance and save money.

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